A Puntastic Cosplay Tutorial – Anti-Materiel Rifle; Fallout: New Vegas

This is the montage for a replica of the Anti-Materiel Rifle from Fallout: New Vegas and yes, it’s for sale.

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STOCK – the back of a rifle or shotgun used to sit in the shoulder to absorb weapon recoil.
BARREL – the metal tube on a firearm used for pressure buildup to make the bullet fly faster and farther when fired.
RECEIVER (aka “chamber”) – the part of a firearm where the individual cartridges are loaded.
MAGAZINE – the part of a firearm that stores all the ammunition. Note: NOT called a “clip”.
MUZZLE BRAKE – a part on the end of the barrel that redirects the gas after pressure is released to reduce upward movement of the barrel upon firing.
WORBLA – a type of plastic that becomes malleable like clay when heated.

All materials used:
Eva foam (10mm and 2mm)
Worbla thermoplastic
Various PVC piping
Various clear acrylic
Steel rod
Black PlastiDip (functions as primer)
Various Copic markers (airbrushed)
Various acrylic paints

Music by: Epic Games

Etsy (for business):

… #QuantumLeapCosplay #FalloutNewVegas #AntiMaterielRifle .


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