Belle Dress Replica – How to Make Belle's Bodice – Beauty and the Beast 2017 – Tutorial

It’s time for a video about the making of my Belle Dress! This Video is all about the bodice! Unfortunately, I will be unable to share about the skirt (it was made before my videography began!)
But you can read my blog posts about it!

=== Skirt Blog Posts ===
Outer Skirt:
Skirt Embellishments:

(Sorry about the two “Assembling the Pieces” slides…The first one meant to “Attaching the Strips! 😅)

=== How to Apply Gold Leaf Video ===

=== Photo’s of Original Dress ===

=== Tools I Mention & Use ===
Rotary Cutter:
—— You can get it in Blue:
Blade for Rotary Cutter:
Industrial Iron:
Pressing Ham:
Sleeveboard (Mini Ironing Table):

=== Fabric & Supplies ===
Satin Faced Silk Organza:
Silk Organza:
Glittered Netting:
Steel Boning:
Spiral Steel Boning:
Satin and Muslin: Purchased Locally

Thanks for watching!
♡ Bella Mae

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