BLACK WORBLA crafting and painting to make FEATHER DAGGER PROPS for your XAYAH COSPLAY – tutorial

In this video I will show you how I made the feather daggers for my classic Xayah cosplay using the material ‘Worbla’. I hope you will find this interesting and hopefully you will be able to use the techniques in your own (cosplay) projects!

So here I write all the links I promised you in the video :3 First will be link to the downloadable patterns and tutorial Ebook about my Xayah cosplay, then links to my videos, then will be the links to the products that I recommend and then there will be links to my social channels, Patreon and webshop!

Patternset that includes blueprint for the feather daggers, but also sewing pattern for the hooded capelet, the feather cape, belt and bracers:
Tutorial E-book about the making of the entire cosplay:

Tutorial to make Xayah’s shoulder skull with Worbla –

For people IN EUROPE (scroll down for everwhere else):
Black Worbla – (or on Amazon:
Craftfoam – (or in the Netherlands via
Clay modelling tools –
Heatgun –
Silicone mat to protect table from heat –
Spraypaint –
Spray varnish –
Amsterdam Acrylic paint –

Black Worbla – (or on Amazon:
Craftfoam –
Heatgun –
Clay modelling tools –
Silicone mat to protect table from heat –
Acrylic paint –
Spray varnish (glossy) –
Oilpaint –

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The music that I used in this video is by ‘Ikson’. Thank you for letting me use the awesome music in my tutorial videos!
Find more of their music here:
The specific songs I used are:
Ikson – All Night
Ikson – Digitally Speaking
Ikson – Taste it
Ikson – Alive


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