Cosplay makeup tutorial for Chiaki Nanami 👁👄👁

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PicsArt= @cosplay_is_dank
I think that’s it •-•

Wig: amazon
Costume: amazon
Eye contacts: stuncloth
Makeup: Walgreens/Walmart + James Charles pallet (not tryna flex)

Music: not even mine. Uhm. Yeah.

I’m trying to look professional. Help. Idk how.

Upcoming cosplays: Juuzou Suzuya, Dabi, Celestia Ludenberg, and a lot more.

I’m totally professional. Uhm. I post at least once a week. Please subscribe so I can get verified and have ads so I can get money 😀 idk how the money thing works but. I’ll find out some day… right?

Thanks for watching!! I really appreciate it. By the way. The description will most likely be the same every time I upload. So yeah. ٩( ᐛ )و you should get used to it (*≧∀≦*)

Can I do hashtags?… #cosplay I think I’m being dumb… .


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