Crafts n Stuff with the BNHA Bois | BNHA TodoBakuDeku Cosplay Skit/Challenge

here are some videos we filmed from the past few months that weren’t long enough to be their own videos + more of what do you meme from our sleepover 2 video- which i put into a super fun compilation!!

making clay stuff was really fun but we weren’t able to focus on talking the whole time cause we were working hard to craft our masterpieces, so it was difficult to edit them into full individual videos. and due to the success of our sleepover 2 video (y’all really come thru!!!) i figured i could add the rest of our what do you meme stuff cause it was kinda funny.

my fave part of this video is the auto tuned part cause it was the most fun to record lol. what’s ur fave part? should we do more crafts or what do you meme? lemme know gang!!!

as always, thanks for your support and super funny comments.. i’ve lol’d to some recently and they really make my day. hope everyone’s keeping safe! and we’ll be back soon with more bnha content… for now i’m gonna try to film a video by myself so let’s see how that goes…..


✰ dEkU:





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