Just Dance 2020: Kill This Love costume sewing tutorial by quiksilvababe ★ epaulette

Step 3 of my Just Dance 2020 Kill This Love sewing tutorial; Epaulette.
noun: epaulette

an ornamental shoulder piece on an item of clothing, especially on the coat or jacket of a military uniform.
“an army greatcoat with fancy epaulets and brass buttons”


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Key words used you might wanna google:
– Strong Back Foam
– Plastidip
– Cement Glue

THANK YOU’S and shoutouts:
Ubisoft Paris
Just Dance
Yuriy Platoshyn
My Mom
The Academy
My Dumbass Cats
Every Just Dance community member whose passion inspires all

Music used is royalty free tunes.
Intro transition music is owned by Just Dance/Ubisoft. .


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