//Tutorial #23// Bunny Tail for Fursuits & Cosplay + PDF Pattern

How to make a bunny tail. You can also buy it here:
Get the pattern here:

Get the fur here:

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– Fake fur (
– Fleece fabric (
– Elastic band (
– Thread (
– Stuffing (


– Pattern (
– Pen (
– Pin needles (
– Needle (
– Sewing Machine (
– Scissor (

Q and A:

Q: I don’t have a sewing machine, can I hand sew them?
A: Yes

Q: Where do you get your fur, vinyl and minky?
A: and www.mendels.com

Q: Where do you get your fleece?
A: At local fabric stores.

Q: Do you do fursuit commissions?
A: Yes. My website:


Music by www.bensound.com .


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